Estate Agents: How and when to book a property photographer

Choose the right time of day

This is the single most important factor for photographing property exteriors even if it is not sunny.

The rule: East facing properties to be photographed in the morning West facing properties afternoon. South facing can be photographed 10am-4pm in summer and in winter are better at around mid day.

Some properties look best from the back and some from the front. If you know a property looks better from the back and want to prioritise this for the shoot then book it in for a time when the sun is shining on the property.

How I know when the sun will be shining in a particular direction?

Pro tip: Use a Sun Calculator. It’s free, quick and easy. I recommend

  • Type in the address
  • Click ‘satellite’ at the top left of the window so you can see the terrain.
  • Click on the external side of the property you wish to prioritise
  • Look at the hourly timetime at the top of the window. Drag the time across the day and notice the orange line moves.
  • Line up the orange so it is pointing at the side of the property to prioritise.
  • Note the time for your booking


Brief your Vendor on the photographer’s visit

As you’re paying for an expert it makes sense to tell every customer you come into contact with about the benefits. One benefit always worth mentioning is my guide Vendors: How to prepare your property for photography which contains all the best tips for preparing a property for sale. Not only does this help you to get better looking property photographs, it also helps your vendor to prepare for the photography.

Get the right weather

If you have been instructed to sell a property with floor to ceiling glass windows or similar it needs be not photographed when raining. Overcast looks ok but rain is not good. I offer a 24 hour reschedule ability within the package. Make use of it.